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Trinity Congregational Church



The Church had its beginnings in a log structure on Cape Ann in 1633 with words from Master Rashley and is continued in the First Parish planted on Cape Ann by the Reverend Richard Blynman in 1642. As a separate congregation, it was founded on November 17th, 1829 when five women and two men left the First Parish in order to maintain what they felt to be a more orthodox teaching after the First Parish called a Unitarian minister. First known as “Evangelical Congregational Church”, the name was changed in 1892 to reflect its Trinitarian emphasis.


The first building, built in 1831, was outgrown, and removed in 1854 to make room for a second, dedicated in 1855. This building was enlarged and altered over the years until destroyed by fire on July 9, 1979, as Trinity prepared for its 150th anniversary.


Our present building was dedicated on September 26, 1982. The sanctuary is wheelchair accessible and we seek to be ever more open and accessible to people with differing abilities.


The Trinity Bell – The original bell was damaged in the 1979 fire. It was procured by a Mr.Foster in 1834. Documents state “ it weighed 850 pounds and was of a different tone and higher key than any other in town.” The current bell was cast by Stockstede and Brothers of St. Louis, MO. and had been placed in St. Bernadette de Lourdes church in St. Louis. The bell is dedicated to Thomas “Tim” Robinson who had been instrumental in the procurement of the bell but passed before it could be placed in the tower. Dedicated on November 1st, 1987, his son Jay continues to ring the bell prior to Sunday services

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